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On the Issues

As your state representative, I will fight for our district and for the values that are important to our community: for jobs, for education, for our clean air and water, and for reforms that bring state government into the 21st century.  I will support policies that we can expect our state to be proud of in decades to come.  We deserve a state representative who understands these issues and knows how to get things done for our district.



Jobs and Economy

The state can play an important role in creating jobs and putting Washingtonians back to work by investing in education and infrastructure.  We can bring back living wage jobs at the same time as we make the investments that Washington will need to be economically competitive in the future.

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During recent tough budget years, education has taken deep cuts that impair our teachers’ and schools’ abilities to provide each and every child in Washington schools the attention they deserve.  We need to fully fund education and we need to establish accountability measures to be sure full funding is providing better outcomes for our kids.  Education is by far the best way to make sure our economy is stronger ten, twenty, and thirty years from now than it is today.

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Our unique and beautiful natural environment is one of the things that makes our area such a great place to live.  As your state representative, I will make it a top priority to enact policies that move our state in a more sustainable and environmentally responsible direction.  For too long, the Legislature has been reluctant to take bold, far-sighted action that ensures that future generations will be able to enjoy living here as much as we do.

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Our district is more geographically constrained than most, and the citizens of the 34th face a unique set of transportation challenges as they move around our region.  I’m committed to building ways for people and commerce to move in and out of our district that will make sense thirty years from now.

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Health Care

The day before I launched my campaign, the U.S. Congress passed a monumental health care overhaul bill that will extend health care coverage to 30 million Americans.  This historic achievement means that more Washingtonians will have health insurance and we can finally start to bring health care costs under control.  However, big work remains at the state level to ensure that health care reform is implemented in an equitable and sustainable way.

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Public Safety

The 34th District is full of neighborhoods that are great places to live, work, and shop.  Many of these neighborhoods would be even better and safer places if state government took a results-oriented approach to public safety.  We need to be allocating law enforcement resources in the areas where they will have the biggest impact on public safety.

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